Constructions Days 118-121: Bits and Bobs

We are inching along here. I had made a list of everything that needs to be caulked in the kitchen – its actually quite lengthy. I guess I would rather do that than have contractors do less or more. The other big items are baseboards and the last molding pieces to frame the door to the basement. Those should look much better with a coat or two of paint.

But the biggest item over the last week has been plaster. We had minor damage on the dining room wall from the enlargement of the entrance, so that got fixed. And, I am so glad I though of extra items to tack on to that – the unsightly wall patch between the fireplace and the built-in bookshelf is gone.

ANNNNNNNNND, as much as everyone loved the odd giant stain on the staircase wall (no, i am not kidding; i guess it was a conversation piece) that also got new plaster. EEEEK! Our walls might be ready for prime time with paint.

Also, upstairs the built in storage unit in the small bedroom is coming together. we had promised to put the two Ikea units together for the guys. but time speeds up in the fall / winter, so they had to do it themselves. oops.