12 Days of Painting: Days 1-2

Merry Christmas! We got a fir tree this weekend, and its all decorated and such. We decided to go the smaller 4.5″ route this year, so its up on a console in the living room, and right by the window too. Its funny, DC has this thing, where everyone puts their tree by the window. I guess to pass along the holiday spirit, and show off their tree decorating skills. Otto has been quite enthused about not loosing his window perch and getting the tree.

As if that wasn’t enough for Christmas spirit, we started off with 12 Days of Painting, to get ready for our floor re-finish (that’s right we are gifting ourselves a shiny floor for Christmas – yippee!)

Painting to do by December 22 (by priority):

  1. staircase spindles
  2. staircase risers
  3. baseboards, shoe moldings on first floor and staircase
  4. staircase wall
  5. small bedroom
  6. staircase molding panels (dining room)

Painting to do – wishlist:

  1. kitchen moldings (so tired of the cheetah look from the wood filler)
  2. middle bedroom
  3. kitchen
  4. dining room
  5. living room

Days 1 & 2 were this weekend, and we got slightly off track when I started off with the wishlist, rather than priority list. But what can I do, I had samples on hand and had to take a look at possible kitchen colors. Ok, but I am not sure we have the one just yet:

From top to bottom, and same colors left to right: Pratt & Lambert Armory Grey (old formula), BM Revere Pewter, Balboa Mist, Weimeraner) Revere Pewter is probably too dark (but is a winner for the hallway), Weimeraner is way too brown, and Pratt and Lambert is purpely, I was hoping it would look more like it does in this bedroom.

Source: Martha Stewart

Day 2 was much, much more productive as I painted majority of the spindles. Ouch. 6.5 hours later my wrist and hand are not happy. but hey, its all about the Christmas spirit of new floors, right?!