Hiatus Before the Storm

When we were renovating with contractors, I thought that things couldn’t possibly be moving at a higher speed. Turns out I was wrong. Getting the last few bits done as we gear up for refinance turns out to be even more hectic. Particularly so with travel on the agenda. I will be out this week and next, traveling to Russia to celebrate a very special 30th and 90th (!!) birthday. In the meantime, Sergey will be in charge of the VIB. Can’t guarantee much in the way of posting, but at least he will take pictures and I can re-cap later.

Things that we would like to get done sometime very soon before VIB gets all done up and pretty for its re-appraisal.


Things we will most likely do ourselves:

  • Finish stripping the newel post on the stairs.
  • Finish painting the staircase / decorative panels in the dining room.
  • Add shoe molding where it is missing in the dining room and living room.
  • Add shoe molding in the small bedroom.
  • Paint moldings in the kitchen.
  • Hang wallpaper in the entryway
  • Assemble light fixture for the entryway
  • Paint kitchen walls
  • Paint living room
  • Source light fixtures for the dining room (chandelier of some sorts), hallway (thinking modern track lights)

Things that we will outsource:

  • Exhaust for dryer in the basement
  • Re-plaster ceiling in the entryway
  • Replace god awful light/fan fixtures we currently have in the bedrooms, living and dining rooms and hallway.
  • install new entryway door
  • snake our drains (not necessary for re-appraisal, but might as well get done, since its sort of essential and all).

Now that I look at these lists, I am not quite sure how I was planning to get everything on the first list done. AGH!!!