Thinking Logically Day 2 in the house brought drainage problems, as it poured

exhibit 1 – before trauma

exhibit 2 – before trauma

face i make each time i touch a hammer

yea, working hard.

exhibit 1 – post trauma

pocket door surprise

exhibit 2 – post trauma + pocket door!

now we can walk through walls.

Thinking Logically

Day 2 in the house brought drainage problems, as it poured rain for 2 days straight. As a result our basement flooded and Sergey spent a good portion of the day playing digging in the mud, in an attempt to fix the problem. Despite filling up a 5-gallon tank with water, it doesn’t look like the drain will be doing what its supposed to do. If anyone has recommendations on how to approach this, please let us know!


Now on to more exciting things. After we more or less moved stuff around and carried a few things upstairs, we decided that it would be wise to remove the carpet downstairs ahead of the planned get together this weekend (cheap home depot carpet does not increase in its aesthetic value from loads of people walking around on it for several hours). When we first looked at the house, we lifted the carpet in a few places and it looked pretty good, so we decided to just go with removing it, hoping that it was in good shape all over.

Thinking logically, though, it seemed that before removing the carpet, we might as well get rid of the ugly fake walls that were put up to make parlor into a bedroom.

So, demolition it was. It only took maybe and hour and half for us to do this:

And this is what we found: Pocket doors!