Ruff and Ready Closing Shop

Probably old news to most people, but Ruff and Ready is closing up shop on 14th Street. This one is by far my favorite old stuff junk unique finds store in the district.


photo: Washington Times

They have to be out by 31 August, though I am not sure if that means that 28 August, Sunday will be the last day. Typically the store is only open on weekends 11 am to 6 pm.

Lucky for everyone, the owner is looking to move to a new location and not go out of business (contrary to what the sign above the store might say). We actually saw the owner in Bloomingdale (!!). Not hugely optimistic that our neighborhood will be chosen — not enough foot traffic probably. but hey, who knows. i am just happy I will be able to continue to shop at RR.

ps – i got a beautiful crystal decanter this weekend for $10 at RR and what’s even cooler i got to shop at 9 am, because the owner thought that i had been there enough times to browse while the store is not officially open