Construction days 105-107: too damn high

In every renovation, inevitably, mistakes happen. The worst though, is when you are close to done. Or when something has been there for weeks – months maybe – and you “just” notice it. Annnd it happened to us. We have started to use the kitchen just a bit– the new dishwasher was hooked up on Friday for us (works great!) So on Sunday I thought – hey why don’t I unload the dishwasher straight into our kitchen cabinets. No harm in dishes finding their way to their permanent spots, right? Yes except I could only reach the bottom shelf. Second shelf – too goddamn high.

We knew from the beginning that our cabinets will be further up than average. We talked about the filler piece between first and second cabinet tier being 2-3 inches. So we checked. Yep only 1.5′ just as well because we made the decision to move cabinets 4′ meaning that the filler piece would be 5.5′. It was painful – the idea of a delay and more money spent on something already done once. But, at the end of the day it had to happen. No sense with adjusting to a kitchen that so much effort and money already went in. *i can only I aging how our contractors felt when we told them (hint: not happy!)

It only took a day- Monday. We came home to find see this:

At first I thought the filler piece may be a bit much. But then I looked back on my inspiration pictures of library ladders in the kitchen. Which we do plan to have in order to reach top row of cabinets. Guess what- there it is – same width filler piece.

Image sources: This Old House, Apartment Therapy

On Tuesday, we returned to find a new problem — our recessed lights aren’t evenly spaced.

Oi. ( just keep repeating to myself – it’s almost finished, it’s almost finished).