Good News, Bad News

Well the good news is that up until yesterday its been beautiful weather especially at night, which means that VIB’s been cool. And since its been cool, the fridge is once again operational. So, cool house = working fridge.

Bad news, its going to be hot for the rest of the summer. hotter than usual. i don’t even know what that means, cause usual summer weather in DC is HOT.

Anywho. So we got our six five (Home Depot guy never showed up, that’s strike 2 after washing machine came 6 hours late) estimates for Central Air. We only planned on 4, but then guy #3 pointed out that we don’t have a air return valve to suck in hot air upstairs. just one on the ground floor. Since heat rises, the second floor would remain warm, while the entire CAC system would be inefficient. sounds a lot more expensive than just putting in a new unit.

and it was. but we decided to just bite the bullet. our first expensive purchase for the house – $6K. ufff.