Here we go

Part II of the A/C project is covering up the duct work. We were quoted around $1k. Obviously I though that we could at least try to do it ourselves. The worst that happens is we spend a bunch of money on materials. I don’t necessarily think that our time would be wasted per se, as learning what is involved in the job would at least allow us to talk to contractors intelligently (and maybe convince me that we should hire people to do this professionally).

And so, I read, and re-read, and then re-read the drywall chapter in “Renovation 3rd Edition”. Then Sergey read some. Then he called his dad, an engineer skilled in home renovations, and they had a video conference, drawing pictures etc on what to do.

And then we made a list of supplies, and off to Home Depot we went.

Was that easy?


trying to locate various tools for the project that were for some reason in various isles took some time and patience. And Drywall is heavy! But i was a champion helper.

total cost $100 for materials and two drywall sheets.

Now, the scary part — can we actually make this look professional?

PS: full disclosure — this part actually happened about a month ago, but we didn’t quite manage to get to drywall until now.