Measure twice, attach once

This is pretty much a Sergey project, since it required major building and drilling action. The first part also took a good part of the weekend.

As I mentioned, we did a lot of research before going for it. As a visual person, this guy helped me lots. Also, DIYdiva provides excellent, detailed overview of putting up drywall here.


first up, we took the opportunity to add some insulation surrounding the gap of the AC duct work. We used some foamy stuff that hardens — see picture 2 above (ps do not get it on your nails/hands, takes weeks to recover fully).


then the frame went up — we reused the beams from the old fake walls

then the drywall was measured out to fit the wall space. just make sure that the lines are straight and then cut through the top layer of paper with exacto knife.

the best part: 123 snap – this part was actually fun! (then you have to cut through the paper on the back)

carry drywall up the stairs, put in place, adjust edges with sandpaper.


doesn’t sergey look delighted with the whole process?

*one of the contractors told us there were way too many screws, so take to heart that 3-4 inch spacing.

it wasn’t terrible (so I say, sergey may have a different opinion) just time consuming. it was the first try after all, hopefully the dining room will be easier.

we still have to cover everything up with joint compound/tape and paint (wallpaper?) over before making the final judgment on time vs money value of this project.