New Toy!

I finally have one of my own! So very exciting — cause Sergey’s got lots and lots of tools and until recently I had none. I have been eying sanders ever since we did the kitchen cabinets and finally ordered one from amazon a couple of weeks ago.

well, let me just say, sanding with an electric palm sander is a whole lot easier than doing it manually. and if you are into this kind of thing, then I would say its fun! (just don’t forget to wear a dust mask)

it takes almost no effort, and is pretty fast too. We did cheat and use the sander for the grooves also, but you know what, those came out pretty well. and at this point, manual sanding just wasn’t happening.

ready for priming — by the way, taping of each window, on each side took forever. much longer than sanding.

next up, the power of paint!