Summer Reading List

If its been a little quiet here on VIB blog — that’s because we are taking some time to actually unpack (there are still boxes in our bedroom and in the dining room) and figure out an actual plan for how to proceed. For now we will probably take it rather slow, do some stuff ourselves and start saving for big projects.

In the meantime there is lots of research to be done. While we definitely do not want to live in a time wrap of early 1900s, we want to give the house its due. So I have been consulting lots of research materials. Here is what I found pretty useful so far:

Restoring a House in the City by Ingrid Abramovitch — pretty amazing photography, and some really beautiful restorations. This is more of an inspiration than howto book, which doesn’t really detract from it being an amazing resource. There is one of a DC row house (embassy row!) as well.

DC Historic Preservation Office — while Bloomingdale is not designated as a historic district, the historic preservation guidelines work just as well for us. unfortunately the guidelines are only for the exterior of the house.

Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual — this brochure put together by Philadelphia government is amazing and definitely works for DC as well. Outside, inside, everything is covered and suggestions include bathroom/closets/kitchen layouts specifically for rowhouses.

I am sure there has to be more out there, if you have other suggestions please share!