The final steps

Last weekend, Drew and Eric had stopped by the house to pick up some wood for a wine rack (how is that going?) and sergey was quick to put them to work.

Notwithstanding the lack of experience, the three of them figured out how to hang the door, sand the hinges, etc.


While the door is finally up, there were a few other steps remaining (is it ever really over?). So this weekend, Patrick came over to help tighten the space between the door and the frame,


which involved using Sergey’s birthday present from the parents (/fancy new toy)


Meanwhile I finished off the tub of peel away on the molding to frame the door. (We picked up two batches of matching molding from the Brass Knob warehouse before it closed down)


Sergey thinks that the door has taught us a great many lessons — for one how to value your time, but also about stripping old wood, sanding, painting (correct surfaces) and fitting spaces. He says if we get the door done, that means we will persevere through all other projects; given that we are now into at least month 4 of doing the door I will at least give us patience as a virtue.