Construction days: 66-67

A quick note with a few minor but important details. First up the tile. The reason its not done yet? well apparently, our historically correct, unglazed tile floors did not take too well to grout. As in it refused to come off once dry. Typically the grout is supposed to be spread liberally and then excess wiped off. Well I am sure our contractors were not pleased when they realized this wasn’t correct. Our bad? but we didn’t know either! So they are using acidic cleaner things to clean it off, a laborious and time consuming process I imagine. I guess chalk that up to #renovationsurprises.

And also, we are getting ready for cabinets – as indicated by new mortar patches on our brick walls. The old mortar wasn’t gonna be good enough. You can kind of see the dark spot marks on the white wahsed brick if you look closely (tip: if you click on the picture it comes up bigger)

And while these cabinets aren’t really ready to use, its nice to come home to a kitchen that looks like this:

Oh man, I just want to me done. pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeeeeee.