The Otto Renovation – Ikea edition

So I have been hoarding these pictures thinking I would do one big post about the ‘otto’ renovation (get it? say it out loud!) But I am not the most patient person it the world, plus I have enough of these for at least several installments. So, here we go :)

Otto really enjoys scaling things, so the pile of Ikea cabinets was his idea of perfect kitchen. His mediation pose says it all – no need to adjust anything here, i am quite pleasedthankyoumovealong.

Once we built the cabinets, the pile was gone = not fun in Otto world. See how less serene and more questioning he seems?

But at least testing out the new kitchen counter seems to have provided at least temporary fun times:

Otto picking out new items in the Ikea catalog/napping by the vent (smart one this cat!)