Construction Day 49-52: Here and There

and Everywhere – a bunch of small things got done in the last four days. This can feel little progress, but I choose to look at it as indication that we are closer to the finish line than we know.

walls went over framing on the outside of half-bath (this just might be the first room that is done, done in this renovation):

Also the lay-out for heated floors is confirmed and is ready for thinset. I guess that will be today:

Outside, we have all the essentials set up Рlight + electricity + water!

And in the bathroom upstairs, we have a new ceiling. In order to level it, the contractors had to bring it down 2 inches. Although I would typically fight for every inch in height of the room (I LOVE high ceilings) this was worth the price to pay. With the heated floor/tile/lower ceiling we probably lost about 4 inches of height in the bathroom.

and we are finally, finally done with all of the tile here. Progress shots over 4 days: