Construction days 20-24: July 4th edition

Hope everyone had a nice fourth – ours was great, we actually had about 15 people over to grill and watch fireworks. Our roof view is privy to a pretty spectacular amateur show in addition to the national display on the Harbor and the Mall.

Pictures by Sergey from 4 July 2011, please stand by for this year’s link.

Anyway, progress has been slow and steady on the construction front; Sergey is actually very pleased with the quality of the work. Though it’s somewhat hard to track in daily pictures because its slow moving – there’s just two guys doing the whole thing.

But we got all new plumbing lines – all of the lines are done!

Upstairs bath sink lines and downstairs sink waiting to be installed:


Upstairs bathroom floor view and ceiling view:

20120705-084653.jpg 20120705-084829.jpg

And check this out, we also got ourselves some floors and part of the walls in the upstairs bathroom:

and the heated floors (!!!) are down in the upstairs bathroom: