Construction Days 33 – 34

Good news! the right bathroom wall is all fixed up and looking straight:

more good news: our crew owned up to the mistake and we didn’t have any problems when we asked them to redo the wall. that made me feel a whole lot better on Tuesday.

The bathroom is slowly but surely coming together. I can’t wait to see the subway tile with all the grout lines.

My excited face, no really:

Actually, this was just for the scale sake – I am just under 5’6″. We had asked the shower ring to be moved up. I  actually wanted it much closer to the ceiling. Unfortunately, our shower rod isn’t long enough, so that’s where we are at. I am fine with that. And any tall guests should be able to shower no problem. Also, see that recessed openning behind me – that’s our shower storage for shampoos and such.

The recessed shower shelf is a big plus of the tile going all the way to the ceiling. We couldn’t do it on the back wall with the window since there wasn’t enough space with the brick right behind thin wood strips. But now we can, and we did. )