Construction Days 43-45: 1,700

That’s the magic number – for the single pieces of subway tile in our bathroom. I don’t think either us or our contractors anticipated quite what that entailed when we set out on this adventure of tiling the whole room floor to ceiling.

We both absolutely LOVE it. It looks great, and the guys did a great job with keeping striaght lines. Which is why it probably took so long.

And, check this out: a door!

Previously our privacy situation was more like this – which worked very well, btw, at least until we got a door installed and realized what we were missing:

And, here we go – lights! camera! action!

And they turn on!

and wait for it, wait for it, they are dimmable. be still my heart.

This week we are supposed to move on downstairs, even though there are still a few things to tie up. I am not sure when the final, final bathroom will be done, but I am happy with where we are now.