Construction Days 101-104

Slowly but surely we are making our way to completion. We lost one day of work (Tuesday) this week due to hurricane Sandy, mainly because driving conditions were terrible. Not much to show in terms of pictures – some electrical outlets, some moldings here and there. A bathroom door – hey cool!

Fluorescent lights (3′ and 2′ long) were installed in the recessed opening behind the bench. The plan is to place plexiglass over these in order to diffuse the light. Then we can prop art and¬†tchotchkes there — salvaged bottles from the great dig? hm….

The shelves next to the bench are complete and ready to be loaded.

*Bonus question — can you spot sneaky Otto?

On Monday, Sergey will discuss with our contractors the exact grid guidelines of tin ceiling tile installation. The exact execution is necessary because there will be 4 recessed lights which absolutely must fit between the joists and absolutely must have even spacing — otherwise it will look horrible. Fingers crossed this week we will see the results on that.