Fire PitThat’s what we have after a weekend of hard work!Sergey sawed

working on the pit

Fire Pit


That’s what we have after a weekend of hard work!


Sergey sawed and sawed and sawed – now we have a bunch of branches/old fence board for the fire (and a clean yard). Here’s to the tree that was freed from the vines. and here’s to hoping that the weight of the dead vines won’t pull it down (just a slight worry). The thinking is that after they are all dead we can just pull them down.


Now for the fire pit – it was actually pretty easy to do:


dig a pit about 10 inches down


dig a smaller hole inside the pit, also about 8-10 inches, and fill it with stones the will let the rain water to drain through


put some dirt or sand on the bottom of the pit, arrange either rocks of bricks (bricks are easier as they are uniform) in a loose pattern on top of the dirt, and place a grid on the bricks. There should be plenty of space left for burning.


arrange bricks or stones around the outside of the pit.




it feels really, really good to actually get a project done in one weekend.