Internet is a great resource. As much as I sometimes dislike how much time and effort technology requires, I realize that that is because resources are readily available. So here are my internet resources –amazingly all free of charge –that help to create the VIB vision:

Flickr: The *future* photo stream on VIB online. We generally upload all the pictures straight from the computer, but Flickr will come in handy for use with Polyvore (see below) and for additional pictures that would take up too much space on the blog.

Wishpot: You can install a button in your browser that lets you click and save items you like anywhere on the web; the layout of your profile lets you see the price of your items and the website that sells the items. Also, you can create registries of items that you wish for – say like for a housewarming party.

Polyvore: This is similar to Wishpot, as it lets you click and save items that you see and like around the web. a HUGE difference though is that this site lets you create mood boards. Also, sometimes, you have to first save on Wishpot in order to be able to clip to polyvore. 

Floorplanner: Ok, so I have yet to actually use this, but it looks pretty nifty. This site lets you map out room dimensions — in 2d and 3d — and add furniture, etc.