Birthday time!

It’s my birthday, and I couldn’t be more excited for my presents this year ( well actually I love presents all the time and of any kind for any occasion, but I digress).

First up, is this special lady:


A Pink Flapper painting by Jenny Bellin. Not sure where she will go yet, but so excited to own my first ever piece of art.

Aaaand, Sergey has promised to build me a built in shelves in the dinning room. These will also finally box in the A/C ductwork that has been an eyesore for almost two years now.

20120318-172938.jpg  20120318-173010.jpg

above is to scale and below shows how the ductwork will be concealed by cabinets so that we can have more space for the shelves.


The idea is to use the shelves as part of the temporary kitchen set up while we live without actual one. Cue Excitement.