We Have Come a Long Way As I have

We Have Come a Long Way

As I have mentioned several times, painting kitchen cabinets was a huge pain, but in the end, I am happy with a result and am very happy to live with them until a major kitchen re-model.

my materials:

painter’s tape
Sergey + drill (to take off cabinet doors)
sand paper
TSP substitute
paint (True Value Marquee (blue) and Doli (white) in semi-gloss)

my steps:

Remove doors from the cabinets — this went pretty fast the power tool, but i think can be done with just a screw driver as well.
Soak the old hinges in TSP substitute
Clean frames and panels with a TSP substitute to remove dirt and grease (I did this to the best of my ability and even used steel wool, but at some point i just had to give up and hope that primer does its job)
Sand all surfaces to remove old lacquer and create a base
Prime everything – I actually did this twice
Paint! again, two coats. obviously, let each coat to dry before next one

Here’s what I would do differently:

— get absolutely the best quality brushes I could find. I got middle of the road, these will do the job, kind of brushes. They did fine, but I had to wash them frequently and they just got more and more difficult to work with as project progressed.

— get stain blocking primer

— consider getting an orbital sander, its an investment, but if I am going to do more stuff like this, it would be much faster, more efficient, and get better results