Color – Reds! Blues! and Greens!

Its gonna be awesome. And this black and white and gray bathroom is really going to shine with some color love. First up – our bath mat. i heart it so much.

Yes, a real wool, oriental rug remnant. picked up at Ruff & Ready for $5. I got it a few weeks ago, and we have been using it as a regular bath mat, and so far its worked really well, it feels comfy and dries fast.

Now I was thinking of adding a ceramic garden stool under the sink – colorful one, yes! – that I can use to rest stuff wine glass while i take my relaxing baths. but i would like an additional function to it, such as storage for cleaning supplies.

there is a problem though apparently only one such exists, and it costs over $200! i just don’t have the funds! or the desire to spend that much. sad.

Anyway, moving on for now to the more important considerations. The color of the bathtub! Its been a rusty primer color for long enough. I am rather anxious to get it to a better looking state.

So here are some options I am considering with a mock up done in photoshop.

Red – Burgundy-Taupe – Blue – Malachite -Gray.

And just a quick reminder, the ceiling in the bathroom is black.

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