Demolition Day 4&5 – No more floor

All of the hardwood boards have been removed, nails hammered out (or in) and we are left with the bare bones carcass of a kitchen/ powder room.

On friday night we started out with this:

And after three hours of prying and hammering out nails we were done! All of the wood boards are clean and ready to be re-used and re-purposed. I am not quite sure yet whether to toss all of these nails or keep them for the memory of good times. hm.

And we are officially done with demo – only about a month after starting. But hey that’s what you get with the DIY job. And even then we had so much help from friends (thank you!) and we even hired out parts of the job as well.

And here’s a little artifact from down under the kitchen floor that suggests what we have to look forward to with excavation of the dirt from crawl space. Looks like part of a lamp of some sorts.