Construction days 40-42, t-t-t-t-tile

More tile. To be sure we made some progress on that front, but how many times can I write about the tile. Ha-ha! That was just a trick, its all about the marble.

The sink was installed on Friday, and hooked up on Saturday (!). Up close:

The only parts left to tile are visible here. We have actually ran into a bit of trouble here. Home Depot/Lowes do not sell short-side cove subway tiles. We got some of the square ones, which will have to be cut, but unfortunately they will be short than 6″ long. Its too late to order on-line. Oh well, you do it once, and you learn…

And here we go just for fun, Sergey and Kirill trying on the sink before it was installed:

Now, this situation I am not so happy about:

But that’s mostly our fault. we need to order correct p-trap/supply line pieces. AckĀ  the details!