Head Explodes: Construction To Do

Ok. I am going to complain again. Because, well, its my our blog, and i can do that if i want. so there. Sometimes renovation life can be miserable (sometimes it can be pretty awesome too, but that’s not how i feel right now) its the details, details! constant details and decisions. Details and decisions can be rather overwhelming. Here’s our to do list for the next three weeks:

Upstairs Bathroom


  • molding around door – find correct pieces, strip & paint
  • molding around window – find correct pieces, strip & paint
  • purchase p trap and drain kit
  • pick out paint for bathtub, paint bathtub
  • purchase ceiling paint, paint ceiling (Farrow and Ball)
  • size glass shelves for medicine cabinet, purchase (HD)
  • size glass shelves for recessed shelf, purchase (HD)
  • size glass shelves for recessed shower niche, purchase (HD)
  • pick out puck lights for recessed shelf, purchase (HD?)
  • pick out scones for vanity, purchase
  • kilim search

Small Bedroom

  • final dimensions for shelving unit by the door. Need to select base cabinet and upper cabinet (Ikea?)
  • final dimensions for closet and shelving/desk nook on back wall

Half Bathroom

  • clean coins
  • assemble coin mats
  • order toilet paper, towel holders


  • seal white washed brick
  • think about rolling ladder – shelve (ha!) that idea for now?
  • put together remaining cabinets (pantry, base cabinet for built-in shelves)
  • exchange cabinet fronts for the three upper cabinets from solid to glass (Ikea)
  • exchange extra materials for kitchen organization units (Ikea)
  • pick out and order cabinet hardware (Ikea for samples)
  • spray paint samples brass to see if we like
  • discuss with contractors fabrication of island countertop from wood beams
  • research sound insulation, purchase (HD)
  • purchase molding for new opening (Lowes)
  • purchase fridge (Lowes)
  • research, purchase exhaust fan
  • purchase remaining lights –
    • under cabinet
    • recessed upper cabinet (HD?)
    • behind the bench (HD)



  • strip doors
  • paint doors
  • strip door hardware

And how are you feeling today?