Kitchen fabric wallpaper idea came to me via this

sergey helped too :)

Kitchen fabric wallpaper idea came to me via this AT post, as we needed something to cover up a giant patch over the stove that was left after Sergey removed the range hood. (Btw – the wall actually had a hole left from where the range hood was attached, which Sergey fixed using a piece of the drywall -left over from fake wall demolition– and some putty. not sure how sound that is, but for now it will do). anyway, I could have probably painted over the patch, but we didn’t have the exact paint match, and having something with just a bit more color was also much more appealing than the bland beige. Using fabric seemed like a great (and cheap! -I got the fabric from clearance section at JoAnns) idea.

And so, with directions from this blog, and a little more research, here are the steps:

1. cut light-weight fabric to the size you need

2. stir 1/4 cup corn starch into 1/2 cup cold water; add 4 cups of boiling water and mix it. (in retrospect i would use just a tad more starch)

3. apply starch to the wall with a sponge

4. stick fabric to the wall – i found it necessary to afix the fabric with tacks (i think it depends on how light/heavy the fabric is)

5. smooth fabric over with a sponge to get out any bumps

6. i used exacto knife to cut off extra fabric and also to cut out fabric around outlets (i was just extra careful not to get water on them, but i did go over them with fabric). this was the worst part, because the knife didn’t work that great on wet fabric. I guess I should have waited until it was dry. but I was anxious that the fabric would get pulled off if I waited until it was dry.

7. wait for starch to dry — it takes a couple of hours.

That’s it! Its pretty easy and just a little messy. I would def do it again!

Oh and if you want to take it off, just apply water and it should come right off.