Sputnik Chandelier
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Sputnik Chandelier

As I have mentioned before, we are replacing nearly all of the overhead fixtures in the house. My most favorite addition, by far, is a sputnik chandelier in our dining room (the red room). Pictures really don’t do it justice, it looks incredible in person.

I had bookmarked the tutorial on transforming the IKEA Maskros this beautiful chandelier more than a year ago, and have in fact had all of the supplies to make this just sitting and waiting for the right moment. Jenny from Little Green Notebook is a DIY genius – seriously, she has the most amazing ideas! This one was super easy, and relatively fast.

The most time consuming bit was tracing the paper flowers in order to cut them down to size – I chose to stick with 2.5″ diameter as suggested in the tutorial. And the actual cutting. It probably took me several hours, which was fine since I caught up on junk tv.

Instead of painting the florets individually I used Rustoleum’s Brass Spray paint, and that only took a few minutes. This has to be done in an enclosed space, as the paper flowers are extremely light and can easily fly off even with mild wind. I also spray painted all of the other parts of the chandelier.

I also followed the direction to glue the amuse bouche cups to the florettes – easy, and even enjoyable if done with quality tv programming in the background. I just checked amazon and the cups are no longer available, but you can find them here. Only one box for the smaller fixture (which is what we have).

Everything was going splendid until I realized that the fixture calls for a 25W bulb. That’s kind of not really bright enough for our dining room, which is a dark space since there is only one, north-facing window that comes out onto a narrow ally, and is pretty much useless in terms of light. So we came up with an idea of gluing small round mirrors inside each cup. I used 0.5″ mirrors, but I think 1″ could easily be used as well. With candles and other sources of light in the room these work really well!

Overall, this turned out to be a great success. Sometimes I just sit in the dining room and stare up at the ceiling. So does Otto. And really, who wouldn’t?

  • hot_for_maskros

    We just bought a new house and it should be done in 7-8 months and need a larger chandelier for our entry. My wife and I found your idea really great.

    One question; where is the mirror you referred to? If it’s inside the cup it wouldn’t be reflecting any light, the mirrors would need to point toward the light to accomplish this.

    Thanks for the links to all the extras you got for your project!


  • victorianinbloom

    Hi there! Congrats on your house! As for Maskros — the little mirrors are inside the cups. And yes you are right, the mirrors need to point to the light source to reflect more — so in our case we have a floor lamp and a table lamp in the room as well. Also during dinner I sometimes set up candles on the table, which generate additional light. In general I would say that the chandelier alone doesn’t give off that much light.