To Gut or Not to Gut

That’s a trick question, because the answer is yes. We are planning to do a complete gut of the kitchen – because its necessary (and maybe because we want to, a little bit too).

walls: Currently, the drywall on the right hand side of the kitchen (where all of the appliances are) is actually about 7 inches from the actual brick wall – half a foot! in an urban house! so obviously that’s coming down to make room for valuable floorspace.… Read the rest

Register this!

Its getting down to six or seven weeks before Sergey and I are done with wedding time suck have a lovely ceremony and celebration with our families and friends. (The house hasn’t been totally neglected this summer – we are tackling a big ‘to do’ project, though its only thanks to Nikita, Sergey’s brother who is staying with us, and hired help – more on that later.)

VIB is getting a pretty sweet deal out of all this anyway.… Read the rest

Exposed Brick, Tin Ceiling, the works

while i am on a “dreaming about new kitchen” roll, i figure I might as well share pictures that I have been taking everywhere for inspiration.


The plan is to have exposed brick in the kitchen. i am not sure how that will work with insulation, so that may have to be scrapped. but for now, the idea is that the wall that houses the fridge/built-ins/bench will be exposed brick.and… Read the rest

We’ve got plans

and so far, not much else.

its been a month since this happened. since then, time spent on VIB = 0.00002. unfortunately, time and resources for all of our projects, from new kitchen to a garden/forest wedding all come from the same source (who knew, average amount of hours spent on planning a wedding? 300! and I am not going to bring up the outrageous cost of the average wedding, which is up there with kitchen renovation budgets).… Read the rest