Renovation Life: Camping out

Before we get to the good stuff – an update: we have found and signed a builder to come in and do all the structural work, including installing the french doors! more on that on Monday – their first day! And wood floor restoration people are coming on Thursday to tell us whether our kitchen boards are worth saving.

So it’s now been over two weeks living without a kitchen. So far, so good.… Read the rest

Demolition day 3

Not really demolition so much as cleaning up, prying off plywood, and cleaning the exposed brick. Our Saturday started really early – with a uhaul reservation for 7 am. DC dump allows uhaul size of up to 19 feet, so that’s what we got cause we were quite certain that we would need as much space as we could get to haul all 100 trash bags of kitchen cabinets, drywall, plaster, tile and whatever else miscellaneous crap that was taken out of our old kitchen.… Read the rest