Changes in Washington DC

I was already excited about the forthcoming transformation of the Florida Avenue historic Union Market, which is about a 15 minute walk from our house. But this just blows any.previous.expectations.out.of.the.water. This is going to be amazing.

map source: Washingtonian

A butcher shop you say? an outdoor dining that stretches over an entire block?! amish goods, french specialties, ethiopian cuisine and a flower market? i am literary dizzy with excitement. this is probably not a healthy reaction.… Read the rest

Exciting News: Ruff and Ready Open for Business

I have blogged about my favorite store in the district multiple times, here, here and then unfortunately here. not sure how we could have ever replaced them, they even have deliver service! well exciting news, Ruff and Read is opening shop again:


Not as convenient as being in logan circle/ u st area, though the shop is still on the busy 14th st corridor, up in Brightwood. The address is: 4722 14th Street NW.… Read the rest

Renovation Inspiration and Musings

Before we purchased the house, I was pretty excited about renovation as a process. Disclaimer – Sergey was much more cautious about the whole thing. For one, he grew up with parents who are renovators. And two, he understands much better than i do, the value of relaxing.

This is my long winded introduction to Capitol Hill House and Garden Tour we took last weekend.

We were planning on some serious inspiration, after all renovations on the hill have been ongoing for at least six decades (the tour started in the 1950s), so there is a lot of examples there!… Read the rest

A Common Misconception

i came across this article today and actually was quite stunned to learn that our choice to buy in the city is actually *probably* lowering our taxes! without getting into discussion about personal views on taxes and government, i just want to point out that it seems, at least to me, that there is a common misconception out there that by living outside the district, in say VA or MD one would save on paying the tax man.… Read the rest

Baby steps

or a giant leap forward.

I generally stay in bounds of house blogging here, but neighborhood is important. (if you aren’t from DC, below probably will have no meaning for you, so come back monday for house updates!)

today, a whole two events of note occur. (whether these will be baby steps or giant leap forward is hard to predict, but some forward movement/progress is happening).

1) Bloomingdale, and actually the entire ward 5, became a proud host to a bar/tavern.… Read the rest

Antique Enough?

Two weeks ago I randomly won tickets to the first-ever Washington DC Antiques Roadshow. Obviously, I was very excited, even though I was quite certain that I had zero antiques to have assessed. On Saturday, Sergey and I ran around the house trying to find anything that was possibly worthy of an appraisal.This is what we came up with:

And off we went to the Convention Center, where we waited, and waited, and then once we got to the top of the line, we were assigned tickets for specific categories, such as silver and decorative arts, and then we waited some more in the appraisal lines.… Read the rest