How to: Built-in Shelves (Part III)

It’s really starting to feel like we are pretty much done with the Big Project, aka phase II renovation. Because there are no more construction materials all over first floor. And no more fridge and electric plates in the dining room. AND! The built-in-shelf is done!

* Done is a relative term of course – the walls around it obviously need some work, and we still need to make a toe-kick, which must allow air flow as the A/C return valve is under the cabinets.… Read the rest

How To: Built-In Shelves (part II)

We have made quite a bit of progress on our built in shelving unit this weekend. The first word that comes to mind to describe is HUGE! I mean we knew the dimensions (obviously) before starting but to see it in person, is really awe inspiring. Anyway, back to the actual progress report.

We are following directions from This Old House on how to make built in shelves, and so far with very good results.… Read the rest

How To: Built-in Shelves (part I)

Yep still waiting on contractor bids. As in progress is sllllooooowwwwww. Under the original timeline we were supposed to be almost done with demo right now. we don’t even have a start date. this normal? is it how it usually happens for everyone else?

there was some progress elsewhere though! the dinning room built-in shelves. we have purchased two Ikea kitchen cabinets that will form the base of the built-in.… Read the rest

Birthday time!

It’s my birthday, and I couldn’t be more excited for my presents this year ( well actually I love presents all the time and of any kind for any occasion, but I digress).

First up, is this special lady:


A Pink Flapper painting by Jenny Bellin. Not sure where she will go yet, but so excited to own my first ever piece of art.

Aaaand, Sergey has promised to build me a built in shelves in the dinning room.… Read the rest