Construction days 40-42, t-t-t-t-tile

More tile. To be sure we made some progress on that front, but how many times can I write about the tile. Ha-ha! That was just a trick, its all about the marble.

The sink was installed on Friday, and hooked up on Saturday (!). Up close:

The only parts left to tile are visible here. We have actually ran into a bit of trouble here. Home Depot/Lowes do not sell short-side cove subway tiles.… Read the rest

Head Explodes: Construction To Do

Ok. I am going to complain again. Because, well, its my our blog, and i can do that if i want. so there. Sometimes renovation life can be miserable (sometimes it can be pretty awesome too, but that’s not how i feel right now) its the details, details! constant details and decisions. Details and decisions can be rather overwhelming. Here’s our to do list for the next three weeks:

Upstairs Bathroom


  • molding around door – find correct pieces, strip & paint
  • molding around window – find correct pieces, strip & paint
  • purchase p trap and drain kit
  • pick out paint for bathtub, paint bathtub
  • purchase ceiling paint, paint ceiling (Farrow and Ball)
  • size glass shelves for medicine cabinet, purchase (HD)
  • size glass shelves for recessed shelf, purchase (HD)
  • size glass shelves for recessed shower niche, purchase (HD)
  • pick out puck lights for recessed shelf, purchase (HD?)
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How to: Whitewash Brick

Early on I decided on whitewashed brick for the kitchen, because key operation word here is light. I though about keeping the original color, particularly because our brick was in a beautiful condition when we cleaned off the plaster but decided in the end that it would just be too dark. I feel that exposed brick is almost always heavy left as is.

This was my inspiration:

Source: AT; Norm ArchitectsDana BarnesCoCoCozy;

I liked how the texture and the color of the bricks still came through the white.… Read the rest

Construction Days 35-39

This week, every day on my way home I would think – ah, today is going to be the day that I will post about the finished tile in the upstairs bathroom. Alas. Its been five working days since the last construction update, and I have lost my patience. Here’s our progress, which to be far, also includes some electrical work.

The left wall with a tiled shower niche and a recessed opening for the medicine cabinet:

The right wall, which has actually been complete for awhile, but here it is anyway:

The back wall, where the window frame has to come out in order to be leveled – almost there:

And finally, the front wall which will feature a recessed shelf.… Read the rest