Before and After: Powder Room

I realize I haven’t done proper before and afters for the half bath. Partly because the space wasn’t properly finished for a long time. Partly because the powder bath is devilishly difficult to photograph. It’s tiny, and getting in there for any sort of angle shot is pretty much impossible — head on also doesn’t work very well.

On the upside of the bath being a tiny, we are really squeezing out all the mileage out of the space that we can get.The… Read the rest

Adding Layers

Its been a few months since the upstairs bathroom has been completed. Right now its absolutely, hands down, my favorite space in the house. Key reason for why kitchen can’t take that prize – its still not complete – there is still quite a bit of painting left to do, plus I can see the rest of the *not yet completed* first floor. But the upstairs bath – close the door, and its blissful!… Read the rest

Before and After: Bathroom

Our first official before and after. Finally, something finished and ready for the unveiling! That’s a great feeling :) When I look at these pictures that Sergey took, and especially when I compare to the before, I can’t quite believe we did this. One of the downsides of living through a renovation – particularly one that takes months – is that there is no official “reveal,” no quick door over. Its not like those HGTV shows when the homeowners get to leave and come back to a completely new space.… Read the rest

How to: Add a Touch of Brass

I have been trying to take care of the small things as we go along in the renovation – like touch ups and finishing touches – because I figure once we declare Phase II renovation done, its going to be really difficult to get around to small fixes and touch ups. This quick fix – adding a touch of brass to our faucets – one was super quick. In 20 minutes and with minimum materials and effort in the kitchen and half bath, I made a big difference in the finished look of our space.… Read the rest

Construction days 99-100(!)

Woot – there it is. 100 days. Mind you that’s working days, not counting weekends, a week-long break sometime in July or a break that we have between the end of phase I and start of phase II of this monster. renovation project. This weekend will mark exactly 6 months since we demolished the kitchen and began our camping adventure. I am ready to be done with that.I can’t say that I ever want to do it again, but I think counting the stress, dust, etc, we took it all in stride (hey, we are still married!)… Read the rest

Construction days 96-98: Ta-da!

More brass! Yes!! The bench is looking spiffy these days. We added a foot rail at the bottom for comfort purposes, since the bench is made taller than normal to accommodate the height of the island. And inside the bench the division/support beams are all done, so its ready for sitting (good thing too since we have friends in town this weekend!)

The open shelving unit next to the bench got the wallpaper treatment.… Read the rest

Bits and Pieces of Renovation Randomness

We were out doing stuff all weekend – including checking out the new Union Market (!) *go for the fresh (but more in a separate post – but I did get a random assortment of projects checked off my to do list.

First of, the bathroom upstairs. Bathtub. Thank you to everyone who voted. Burgundy was the winner, but only by one vote edging out blue and red (tied for second).… Read the rest

Color Decisions

This a single color at a time thing might be becoming a pattern. I never noticed that about myself. I have been thinking about the comment that my friend made about the color of the bathtub, which I have yet to finalize (thank you to everyone who voted!). I was thinking of mainly darker colors, but Adrienne suggested a soft baby blue. Hmm, with the dark ceiling in the bathroom and very masculine/ graphic feel of the space, that might be just the right touch.… Read the rest

Construction days 87-88

Think we will get to 100 days of construction? That’s very plausible. Anyway, we are moving right along, and its almost as exciting as the very beginning of this whole thing (we are just more tired, so emotions are dulled). But seriously, this thing is coming together and we likey!

I know, this looks like a mess – and no the counter is not staying on top the island. But to me, its a beautiful mess.… Read the rest

Construction Day 76: Hooray!

Oh we have come so far! Look – we have a toilet paper holder!

But more importantly, we have finally added storage.

We had to get custom cut glass because the wall niche isn’t standard. but who cares?! we have storage. we can finally “move in” to our bathroom.I have had these knitted baskets with all of our bathroom crap sitting and waiting, waiting and sitting for probably a month now.… Read the rest